Does Everyone have the Same Microbiome?

Absolutely not.

While the amount of microorganisms is somewhat similar from person to person, the makeup of the microbiome population is widely different. You can think of it like a unique “fingerprint” for each of us.

In addition to your personalized nutrition recommendations, your app will tell you more about your microbiome insights. This report gives you information about how you compare to the population and which foods score well for you that help support different areas of your microbiome.

When it comes to genetics, it turns out 99.8% of our genetics is the same. In other words, the difference between people is defined by only 0.2% of our entire genetic makeup.

However, when we look at the difference in the microbiome, we can see huge differences between individuals. They can be as large as a 90% difference! Humans have about 20,000 genes, while the microbiome contains about 2-20 million genes.

This means we have found only a tiny fraction of the DNA that affects us.

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