How Are the Scores Calculated?

The scores are calculated based on three things:

  1. The food that you ate and entered into the app
  2. Your personal information (e.g. age, height, weight, BMI, blood test results, A1C)
  3. Information we received about your microbiome from your stool sample: the type and amount of bacteria and other microorganisms in your gut.

These three parameters are entered into the predictive algorithm which determines your blood sugar reaction. From there, the scoring system converts your blood sugar reaction to a score that ranges from 1 - 9.9.

The lower the number (or score), the more likely it is for your blood sugar to spike after that food/meal. The higher the number (or score), the less likely it is for your blood sugar to spike.

For individuals who are working to improve their blood sugar should aim for a score of an 8 or above for meals. For the general population, we recommend a score of 7 and above. 

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