Microbiome Insights


The microbiome is the collective group of bacteria that live inside, and on, each of our bodies. Most of these bacteria live in the gut. The stool sample you provided DayTwo gave us a look at that community of bacteria in your gut. Once your results are ready, you will see "Microbiome Insights" visible in the profile section of your app. These insights will give you more information about what DayTwo has found in your personal gut.

Because the study of the microbiome is a new science, research continues looking at the relationships between the microbiome and health, and if anything can be done to change, or improve, the microbiome. At this time, we still aren’t sure.

Your microbiome insights report focuses on foods that can support a healthy gut microbiome in addition to managing blood sugar levels and overall good nutrition. Below is a little more information on each of the insights in your report.


In general, a higher diversity in the microbiome is considered healthy. Fiber-rich foods may support a diverse microbiome, in addition to other health benefits like improved digestion, feeling fuller longer, and reducing cholesterol. Read more.

Probiotic Level

There is no recommended daily intake for probiotics. In general, add fermented foods, yogurt, and cheese to your daily diet to increase your consumption.


Your report is showing your B3 synthesis, this does not reflect the amount of B3 in the blood. Your body makes B3, but you also get it from your foods. A lower amount does not mean you need to take a supplement. To get more B3 in your diet, choose the rich foods recommended for you. Read more.


Like B3, the B12 in your report is how much your body makes. If you have been on Metformin for a long time, there is a chance your B12 blood levels may be low. Talk to your doctor to see if you might need a B12 supplement. Read more.

Short-Chain Fatty Acids (coming soon)

There are several SCFAs, but the most common are acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Read more.

  • Acetate – Keeps the intestinal barrier strong and healthy.
  • Propionate – Protects the intestinal barrier, helps control inflammation.
  • Butyrate-provides energy, keeps colon cells healthy, protects the intestinal barrier, and helps control inflammation.

Top Five Bacteria

The top five bacteria are the different types of bacteria that make up the largest amounts found in your personal gut. Read more.

Microbial Balance

Certain types of bacteria are linked to weight gain, but we’re still learning about them. If weight loss is your goal, the app and your dietitian can help you choose foods, and other habits, to help you reach your goal. Read more.




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