Stop Dieting: How DayTwo is Different

By: Catherine G., RDN, LD

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There is no shortage of diets in the United States. Each one claims it holds the secret to health and weight loss. Some diets are very similar which can make it confusing to tell the difference. Below is a short breakdown of a few popular diets and how they differ from the DayTwo program.

Many of these diets may show success with short-term weight loss and decreased hunger levels. However, they are often hard to maintain, make social events challenging, restrict whole food groups, and have little research showing long-term benefits. It is important to note that if/when whole food groups are removed from the diet, we can lose access to important nutrients. 

At DayTwo we believe that there is no perfect diet because every body reacts to food differently. DayTwo is a unique program that accounts for your body’s individualized blood sugar response to food and allows you to eat any type of food. No food group is off limits which allows for a more well-balanced diet. 

With DayTwo, you learn to find the right food combinations for your blood sugar. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, your blood sugar is still associated with overall health. Everyone can benefit from balancing their blood sugar.

When blood sugar is more stable, hunger, sleep, energy, and weight often improve. When these improve, the risk for other health issues is reduced. Check with your primary healthcare provider and dietitian before making any large changes to your eating patterns.






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