How much water should I drink?

How much you should drink depends on many things like age, gender, activity level, weather, etc.

How can I tell if I'm hydrated?

The best way to tell if you are hydrated is by looking at the color of your urine. If the color of your urine is clear to light yellow, you are hydrated! If it is a dark yellow, drink up - you need more water in your life right away!

Why is hydration important?

You know water is important for your health, but do you know the effects of dehydration? Without drinking enough water, you may experience:
• Higher blood sugars
• Reduced alertness, thinking, and memory
• Difficulty doing physical activity
• Increased appetite, thirst can be confused with hunger

How can I drink more?

• Keep a large water bottle with you, and in your sight, at all times
• Drink water when you do other activities (ex. Drink a glass after visiting the restroom)
• Set an alarm, or reminder, to drink water often
• Try infused water – add fruit and/or herbs to plain water to add flavor


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